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Early Learning Program

Early learning classes are offered for children with Down syndrome between 18 months and 6 years of age.  Classes offer strong peer motivation in a small class setting along with individualized instruction for each student.

Every aspect of the class has been researched and specifically designed for individuals with Down syndrome.  Little Leaf understands the relative strengths of it’s students and facilitates learning with visual supports and early reading skills. Early literacy abilities help children with Down syndrome overcome challenges with speech, language development, auditory perception and working memory function.  By placing a strong emphasis on early reading skills, Little Leaf gives students a strong foundation in all areas including math, writing, social skills, fine motor abilities, gross motor development, speech, and reading.  Little Leaf’s approach prepares students for grade school and many students enter kindergarten at or above grade level requirements.

The Early Learning Program is similar to the public school calendar with classes offered in 2 hour increments between 8-2:30 pm.  Each 2 hour block is $18.50 and students are expected to schedule a minimum of 4 hours per week.  Tuition includes teacher instruction, cohesive planning with child’s educators and therapists, and individualized resources.  Each student receives a personalized binder with monthly curriculum, supportive resources, and homework.

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