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According to Webster’s dictionary, the word moxie means
1: the ability to be active: ENERGY
2: courage or determination

I don’t think there is another group of people with more moxie than the Down syndrome community. Let’s celebrate how people with Down syndrome show moxie every day!

To show your loved one’s moxie, enter to win Mr. or Ms. moxie, upload a picture of your loved one who has Down syndrome and tell us how your loved one shows moxie. If your loved one wins the most votes, they will win the title of Mr. or Ms. Moxie and $250! They will also get to present a check for $500 for their local Down syndrome organization.


How to compete:

  1. Fill out the registration.
  2. Share your loved ones’ profiles with friends and family so that they can vote for your loved one. Votes are $1 per vote. You can vote as many times as you want for your loved one.
  3. Only participants with Down syndrome may participate. Any additional money from the campaign will educate children with Down syndrome.

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